Monday, January 30, 2012

The Complete Miss Marple Short Stories by Agatha Christie

How can you not love Miss Marple, with her innocent knitting and oh-so-polite comments and observations, with just enough of a hint of condescending to make you grin? Ever obsequious to those who doubt, she always figures it out in the end. 

What's amazing about Miss Marple is she solves the mysteries through very little footwork. She merely chats with a person here and there as she goes about her business at the market, asking seemingly innocuous questions that hide her very sharp mind. Even the local constabulary are known to come in for a spot of tea and "discuss" a case with her....more often than not, leaving with a solution. 

Miss Marple is perfect leisure reading for the mystery lover. You won't find any high-suspense chases or near-death experiences, but those who enjoy the cerebral aspects of solving a case and sit up a little straighter when a character says something that's not quite right will be in heaven. 

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