Friday, December 16, 2011

A Letter of Mary by Laurie R. King (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes)

Another successful installment of the Mary Russell series. Those who already love the series will not be disappointed, and although it is fine as a stand-alone novel, I don't know that I could recommend it as an introduction to the series. 

Although this story doesn't take Holmes or Russell very far outside of London in terms of travel, it nonetheless has all the hallmarks of every book thus far in the series: an excellent portrayal of an older Holmes, an intriguing puzzle to be solved, wonderfully vivid characters, and an absorbing narrative. 

However, I with this book would have shed a bit more light on Russell's scholarly theological work. Her interest in theology serves as a nice counterpoint to Holmes' disregard of it and deserves to be explored more in depth.

This is especially true given that much of the plot centers around Mary's growing fascination with a Margaret, a woman who draws her deeper into a cult-like group that seems to have mystical powers. 

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