Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Nevermore by Harold Schechter

I was first introduced to Harold Schechter through his true crime writing, so I wasn't sure how he would handle another Favorite Author of All Time, Edgar Allan Poe. 

Well, the narrative style is perfect--anyone who has read Poe's stories (and not just the high school reqs, either, I'm talking about "The Maelestrom", "The Black Cat," one of my faves, "The Man That Was Used Up," etc.) will appreciate Schechter's ability to make the reader feel as though you really are listening to Poe. His neurosis, passion for Virginia, etc. are all well written. 

That being said, the writing does get a tad cumbersome in the effort to capture the tone and linguistic style of the day. Still, the characters (like Daniel Boone) are vibrant, the plot intriguing, and the setting well-done.

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